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SR IRROMETER (Tensiometer)

SR IRROMETER (Tensiometer)

The "SR" Irrometer is the standard instrument for use in medium to heavy soils.
Instrument includes a threaded replaceable tip as well as reservoir, air free gauge chamber and hermetically sealed IRROMETER vacuum gauge with dual scale of centibars and kilopascals (0-100 cb [kpa] range)


An IRROMETER is a direct measurement system of SOIL TENSION, which means that it actually reads the physical forces at work in the soil. Irrometers act like a dummy root, allowing the soil moisture to interact with the instrument through the ceramic tip.


IRROMETERS come in various lengths which enables the farmer to measure in different depths of the soil


Spec Sheet




  • 1 x IRROMETER Column
  • 1 x SR IRROMETER Vacuum Gauge
  • 1 x SR Ceramic tip
  • 1 x IRROMETER Cap
  • 1 x Rubber Stopper

    For optimal functioning of the IRROMETER a SERVICE KIT is necessary

R2 150,00Price
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