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WATERMARK - 900 Monitor

WATERMARK - 900 Monitor

The WATERMARK Monitor is a battery-powered automatic data collection device that reads, displays, and stores data from up to eight user-selectable sensor inputs. 


It is designed for outdoor installation with directly wired sensors and records data on a user-selected interval that can be downloaded locally or remotely for graphic display on a computer screen.  


The graphic display allows for easier interpretation of the data, facilitating scheduling practices that enhance irrigation water use efficiency.


Spring-loaded terminal strips are provided for sensor connections, which allow for easy installation and never need tightening. Data can be downloaded directly to a computer via USB, a handheld Data Shuttle (PN 900DS), or optionally sent to the web for access anytime, anywhere.


8 sensor capacity, can read:

  • WATERMARK Soil Moisture Sensors
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges
  • 4-20 mA Current and 0-5 Voltage output IRROMETER Tensiometers (RSU-C and RSU-V with Adapter)
  • On/Off switch states
    R12 500,00Price
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